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Our 1inch clone script is a Defi-based DEX website software with added Security features that can be used to bring a DEX aggregator to 1 inch on the BSC network. It helps users find tokens and determine the optimal trading prices.1inch Exchange clone employs smart contract technology to make optimal Transactions by tapping liquidity sources from numerous exchanges.


  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Slippage that is optimized
  • The number of users has increased
  • Swapping with care
  • Targeting deadlines
  • Chi token reduces the cost of gas
  • Algorithmic switching in Pathfinder
  • ETH purchases are now possible using Moonpay
  • Excellent interface
  • Good liquidity
  • Deadline targeting
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Only network fee


  • Liquidity is abundant - The 1inch exchange clone script provides multi-dex liquidity and rates on a Single board.
  • Funds with their own rights - The 1inch exchange clone script is constructed on the same functionality as 1inch, however, it does not keep any of your customers' monies.
    The monies are held in the ERC20 wallets of the users.
  • Trading with Flexibility - The control over the consumers' coins is essentially given by the 1inch exchange clone.
    They will decide on the deal to sell and buy their currencies.
  • KYC is not required - No KYC verification is required to create an account on our 1inch exchange Clone site; simply link your wallet and start trading.

1 Inch Exchange Mooniswap

Mooniswap is 1inch Exchange's response to Uniswap, a well-known Automated Market Maker (AMM). These are smart contracts that are in Charge of the ERC20 token liquidity pool. Simply said, this can help you avoid loss and provide you greater control over how you initiate BitcoinTrades.

Softkeystech Exchange Clone Script prevents large-volume trades from experiencing substantial slippage, which results in expensive trade execution costs. When compared to other exchanges, 1inch Exchange Clone Software solves the problem of spreading orders across many exchanges while keeping the trade to one transaction.
On each site, you may check the price and liquidity, as well as the gas fee.

Why choose us ?

Above all, Softkeystech 1inch exchange clone makes it simple to compare the rates offered by several decentralized exchanges. Softkeystech being the best in defi development allows you to customise the platform and also remove the problem of slippage due to high trading volume, as well as our 1inch clone script allows you to compare price and gas fees, We have a team of experts and enthusiasts who will create secure, fast, reliable as well as high performing 1inch clone script.